Intergrated Assault Rifle System.

R&D Program

Sincomfas is a research & experimental development program designed to create a new concept in combat simulators for light weapons. The Sincomfas program intends to validate the idea of a plug & train device for infantry units eliminating the need for laser sensors and harmoning.

Spain's Defence Department & Start-Up

In response to an ARMEN Technology demo, the Spanis DOD through the DGAM, General Office for Weapons and Material & SDG PLATIN, Deputy Office for Innovation & Technology have asssumed this new simulation concept by cooperating in its development with funds, material & expertise.

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A finales del mes pasado la empresa española Armen Technology resultó adjudicataria de un contrato de la ....


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Simulador de Combate Autónomo.- Sistema Integrado de Combate para Fusil de asalto (SINCOMFAS)

Other Projects


New parabolic shooting digital aiming system.


Close surroundings surveillance system.


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