This is about men and women who enter into conflict to protect societies values.

It is about appreciating their task by providing them with whatever they need to come back with the mission accomplished.

It's about earning their trust, they've got ours.

About building a thriving relationship which listens and looks after the needs of those generous in sacrifice.

This is what ARMEN Technology is all about.


Law enforcement

ARMEN researchs on how to improve the safety of those who proctect us.Safety has become a key concern in today's society, to ease the duty to who make possible our safety is one of our main targets. Law Enforcement Officers, Armed Forces, Firefighter & Public Safey Unit will find our solutions helpfull to their everyday challenges.


Defence demands more & more prepared operators with better analytical skills. We intend to provide that operator in the front line with the simplest but most effective technology capable to turn any decision in the best possible. Our solutions help to fulfill the mission and protect those carrying it out.


In ARMEN Technology we believe that AR spans further than the sense of sight reaching to all senses and perception mechanisms of the human body, so we use it to help the law enforcement officers, public safety workers & armed forces operators in their everyday duty, focusing in the scenarios of major risk to them.

Civil Sector

History proves the permeability between the civil & military sectors. Many solutions intended specifically to one of them can be useful in the other with minor adjustments. Fire watch, construction supervision, cattle & agriculture control and optimization of fishing captures are some of the applications of our systems.

ARMEN for companies

Is your company in need of control & surveillance? ARMEN Technology can provide your company with security & surveillance in construtions and remote facilities; such as surveillance for intruders, vehicles, ships and drones. Stay calm while protecting your investments.

Governments & Public Institutions

ARMEN developes training simulators for Armed Forces & Police trainig. Systems for remote back-up and asistance to officers and operators. We also develop semi-permanent surveillance by camera equipped tethered flight.